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September 02, 2012Posted by Someone


If you experience any one of the following severe adverse effects of Cialis cease using this drug and attempt immediate medical help: hearing or eyesight loss, basic unwell feeling, chest pain, abrupt eyesight or hearing loss, lack of breath, vision changes, or priapism (uncomfortable erection lasting for longer compared to 4 hrs).

Your sex-related wish is extremely unlikely to be improved by taking Cialis, although lots of clients taking it report a lot more confidence when making love.The following signs could be experienced: discomfort in the spine, flushing, dripping or stale nose, problem, acid indigestion, breast pain, erection that lasts longer compared to 4 hours, and heartburn.

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First of all, Cialis has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration, which verifies its protection and performance.This medication will certainly not shield you against any type of venereal diseases, so you should use a prophylactic anyhow.